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aboutI grew up in Maine, but have lived near Boston since 1998 when I got a job at a medical software company. My move to Boston was a trip. In a way, my career has been a trip. I’ve traveled around my company, doing several different jobs, one of which required travel. I now supervise a group of technical writers. Ample vacation time and a good salary allow me to take a long trip about once a year.

I am not a backpacker or professional traveler. Neither can I see myself on a cruise. The trip that hooked me on travel was a guided tour of Italy. While it remains one of my favorite trips for many reasons, one of those reasons was not the excessive amount of time on the tour bus.

I need a comfortable bed. My husband hates B&Bs. Neither of us wants to drive for hours while the other enjoys the view. We have a dog and a house, both of which we love. Hence, my preferred travel is independent but well-organized, and fits into a two week vacation. Luckily, I am a planner. I do lots of research before a trip, create a comfortably-paced itinerary, make the necessary reservations, and procure whatever confirmations, travel guides, and other paperwork will help along the way.

Check out the Itineraries page to see the trips I’ve planned. Please use the comment box below to submit questions or provide feedback about this website.

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